"To me creativity is like energy: it is neither created nor destroyed, it is transformed."

Since a very young age I was very curious about plastic arts. I experimented a lot and was able to perform handicrafts that stood out in school. It was as if a torrent of ideas and emotions came to my mind and managed to shape them through my hands.

Years later, I started studying belly dance and spent years training and working as a professional dancer. As a result, I connected a lot with Arabic and Oriental cultures. While traveling with the dance company, I started creating costumes, headpieces and even belts with semi-precious stones. Handmade and exclusive models.


Where was born my first collection of tiaras

It's been some years now since I arrived on this wonderful island. I was able to get to know myself more deeply to unleash my full potential and trust my inner strength. The connection with the sea, the nature, the community of artists that reside here and the mix of cultures that come, prompted me to create my first collection of tiaras.


My final ritual as an artist

After five successful years with my tiaras and bracelets, I took the leap towards Tulum, where I knew that new inspirations were awaiting me. The environment and lifestyle of the Riviera Maya definitely completed me as an artist.

Nowadays I continue to contact, whenever I can, personally with each client who is looking for a different, authentic jewel that helps them connect with their essence and with the ethereal. I keep transforming. I keep creating. I still feel like a nomadic soul, free. I still am Soraya Sainz.

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